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Jun 10

Developing Higher Speed Electric Railways Across Canada

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Dr. Avrum Regenstreif, long time member and colleague of Transport Action Ontario, has completed a report on developing higher speed electric railways across Canada.  it is intended as a backgrounder to foster discussion and it offers one possible long term vision on development of higher speed electrified railroads in Canada.  While Transport Action Ontario has long supported railway electrification, the details of how this is to be achieved as expressed in this report are the opinion of the author, and are not the official position of Transport Action Ontario.


We welcome feedback on this important topic.


The report can be viewed here:  TAO-HSR-Paper-Final2015-06




Mar 18

Network Southwest Passenger Rail and Bus Service Action Plan – Report Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Network Southwest,  an interurban passenger rail and bus service action plan researched and prepared by Greg Gormick of  On Track Strategies for the Southwestern Ontario Transportation Alliance (SWOTA), a collaborative of non-government organizations including Transport Action Ontario.   Network Southwest is a blueprint for reviving the region’s intercity public transportation system using a passenger rail spine and passenger bus feeders.  It can  rapidly and cost-effectively be implemented.


This plan was unveiled at a public forum in Sarnia on January 31st, 2015. Other public forums have been held in St Marys and Stratford.   Our next public forum is planned for London on April 8.


The full  88 page report was released in St Marys, Ontario on March 18.  Additionally,  a one-page infographic and a one-page summary are available. The report may be downloaded here


More information is available on the SWOTA website here





Oct 09

New Report: “Out of Steam: The Urgent Need to Modernize VIA Rail Canada”

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Transport Action Ontario is pleased to release a major new report by our colleague, Greg Gormick, entitled “Out of Steam: The Urgent Need to Modernize VIA Rail Canada”.


The report analyzes recent quarterly, annual and plan reports of VIA Rail Canada.  It concludes that, in every key performance indicator, VIA is either stagnant or declining.  But it also concludes that VIA can be easily revived and improved to deliver major benefits to Canadians if government invests strategically in its full, long-overdue modernization.


The report can be viewed here:   TAO-OutofSteam2014-10-09





Mar 24

Review of Potential Future Safety Zones at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

By Transport Action Ontario | Aviation , Major Reports


With the proposed expansion of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) and the introduction of jets,  it will be necessary to review and very likely expand the safety zones at the airport.  These safety zones have received very little public discussion.


On March 24, 2014, Transport Action Ontario released a major report on future safety zones at an expanded BBTCA.  In summary, assuming regulatory standards and specifications are followed, there will be major impacts to the harbour and Port Lands.  These impacts are large enough that the City should say “no” to the expansion proposal.   If exemptions from these standards are provided, this will significantly increase safety and liability risk.


Our media release can be found here:  Toronto Island Airport Media Release 2014-03-24


Our full report can be found here:  Toronto Isl Airprt Safety Zones 2014-03-24


The computer illustrations presented at the press conference can be found here:   Toronto Island Airport Media Release Illustrations 2014-03-24




Jan 21

Revitalizing New Brunswick’s Rail Sector

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Transport Action Atlantic has released its long-awaited report entitled “Revitalizing New Brunswick’s Rail Sector”, by Greg Gormick.  The report was funded by 5 municipalities in New Brunswick and one business agency.


The report covers three items

  • Steps to take with regards to CN’s proposed abandonment of the Moncton-Belledune section of its Newcastle Subdivision
  • Steps to undo the damage done by VIA’s halving of the frequency of the Ocean
  • Steps to support the expected revival of Industrial Rail Services


The executive summary can be viewed here.

The full report can be viewed here.

The report conclusions and recommendations can be viewed here.