Review of Potential Future Safety Zones at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

By Transport Action Ontario | Aviation

Mar 24


With the proposed expansion of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) and the introduction of jets,  it will be necessary to review and very likely expand the safety zones at the airport.  These safety zones have received very little public discussion.


On March 24, 2014, Transport Action Ontario released a major report on future safety zones at an expanded BBTCA.  In summary, assuming regulatory standards and specifications are followed, there will be major impacts to the harbour and Port Lands.  These impacts are large enough that the City should say “no” to the expansion proposal.   If exemptions from these standards are provided, this will significantly increase safety and liability risk.


Our media release can be found here:  Toronto Island Airport Media Release 2014-03-24


Our full report can be found here:  Toronto Isl Airprt Safety Zones 2014-03-24


The computer illustrations presented at the press conference can be found here:   Toronto Island Airport Media Release Illustrations 2014-03-24