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Jun 13

Move the GTHA: It’s time to move on gridlock – Open Letter

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Decades of underinvestment have left the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) with an inadequate transportation network and one of the longest average commute times in North America – reducing the region’s economic competitiveness, impairing our health and environment, and limiting the amount of time we spend with families and friends.


Transport Action Ontario is one of about a dozen prominent non-government organizations that have formed the Move the GTHA coalition.  The objective is to support the Ontario government as they introduce new dedicated transportation revenue tools, such as a regional sales tax or regional fuel tax.  Recently the coalition, together with many other organizations, released an open letter to the GTHA’s elected officials calling on them to support Metrolinx’s transit investment strategy.



Nov 19

Letter to Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Innovation

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Transport Action Ontario wrote a letter to the Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Innovation stating that we believe that Ontario is facing a serious mobility crisis that seriously undermines private and public initiatives aimed at sustaining and growing Ontario’s industrial base.   We urged the Ministry and the Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Council to work with other provincial ministries and other levels of government to focus on our province’s mobility crisis, especially in the areas of public transportation.


The letter can be viewed here:  TAO-DuguidLtr2012-11





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