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Jun 24

Move the GTHA – Open Letter to Premier Wynne

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On June 24, the Move the GTHA collaborative, including Transport Action Ontario, sent a letter to Premier Wynne congratulating her on her election victory and offering to continue to work with her government  to increase funding for public transportation and active transportation options.

The full letter can be viewed here:   MTGTHA-LettertoWynne2014-06-25



May 27

Regional Express Rail GO Service forms Plank of Toronto Mayoral Platform

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On May 27, Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory unveiled his transit platform.  The flagship component was SmartTrack, an electrified “surface subway” transit corridor based mostly on parts of the GO rail network.   It has the same thrust as the Province’s Regional Express Rail announcement in mid-April, which was virtually identical to Transport Action Ontario’s concept of Regional Express Rail, proposed in its major report released last July.


Transport Action Ontario is very pleased to se the RER concept picked up by one of the top-tier candidates for mayor of Toronto.  Our media release can be viewed here:  TAO-JohnTorymediarelease2014-05-27

The Tory announcement, and Transport Action Ontario’s role in it, was picked up by various Toronto media.  Some links are provided here:



May 13

Open Letter to VIA Rail’s New President

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On May 13, Transport Action Ontario board member Ken Westcar wrote to VIA Rail’s new president, Yves Desjardins-Siciliano on behalf of rail passenger advocacy groups in South Western Ontario.    His letter summarized a number of challenges with VIA’s operations.


The letter is posted here with permission of the author:  KenWestcar letter to VIA 2014-05-13




Mar 29

Position Statement on New International Trade Crossing (Detroit – Windsor)

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On February 2, 2014, the Canadian government announced it will start buying land in Detroit to speed up building of the New International Trade Crossing, a planned bridge between Detroit and Windsor.


Transport Action Ontario has issued a position statement opposing this latest effort by the Canadian government to induce construction of this ill-conceived and uneconomic project.   The statement can be viewed here:  TAO-NITC-2014-03