Unlocking Rail Tourism to Benefit the Canadian Economy

By Transport Action Ontario | Intercity Rail and Bus

Jul 17

Canada’s international tourism sector has been in a serious decline. A 2018 report produced for the federal government by McKinsey offers a menu of reasons for the decline while quantifying the upside, which is large. Considerable emphasis was given to national transportation infrastructure deficiencies.

Transport Action Ontario has written to four federal ministers, including the Minister of Economic Development, pointing out the convergence of tourism and national mobility. Federal action to enable VIA Rail benefits both Canadian travellers and our tourism industry. Rail travel is particularly attractive to the 55-80 year old cohort, which has the financial means for a spectrum of services.

Our letter urged the federal government to work with its provincial counterparts to identify and quantify where rail can satisfy the needs of international visitors and regular passengers.

The letter can be viewed below.