Position Statement on Transport Canada Needs Assessment – Pickering Lands, 2010

By Transport Action Ontario | Aviation

Feb 18



The proposed Pickering Airport, east of Toronto,  has been an on-again-off-again issue for over 40 years.  Transport Action Ontario has been active on this file for many years.  Our most recent public communication was a letter to the federal Minister of Transportation in January, 2012.  This is posted elsewhere on this website.


In  2011, Transport Canada released a new report entitled “Needs Assessment Study – Pickering Lands, 2010” which favoured the construction of the airport.  Then in June, 2013, the federal Minister of Finance re-announced the airport plan with a different configuration of land.


In response, Transport Action has prepared an updated position paper,  identifying six key reasons why we oppose the Pickering airport plan.    The position paper can be viewed here: TAO-Pickering Airport Needs Assessment 2014-02