Pembina Institute Issues Analysis of GTHA Transit Investment and Expansion Plans from Ontario’s Major Political Parties

By Transport Action Ontario | Urban Transit

Mar 11




As readers know, Transport Action Ontario is part of the “Move the GTHA” collaborative of non-government organizations that is working towards improving public and political acceptance of new revenue tools for transportation.  The collaborative also includes Pembina Institute.


Pembina has just released an interim analysis of GTHA transit investment and expansion plans from Ontario’s major political parties:  Liberal Party, New Democratic Party and Progressive Conservative Party.   Four guiding principles were used as the criteria for the analysis:

  • Rapid transit for the whole region
  • New dollars for new transit
  • Creating a dedicated fund for transit and transportation
  • Fast-tracking transit improvements

Evaluations of the parties’ current positions on each of these four topics were presented, and a score was assigned:  “On track for transit”, “Some forward movement”, and “Stuck in traffic”.


The Pembina report can be read here