MTO Southwestern Ontario Transportation Plan – Input to Technical Advisory Committee

By Transport Action Ontario | Intercity Rail and Bus

Jun 05

As readers know, Transport Action Ontario (TAO) was very active in commenting, participating in meetings and making recommendations during 2020-2021 as Ontario consulted on its draft plan “Connecting the Southwest: a draft transportation plan for southwestern Ontario”. The final report was completed in late 2021 and submitted to the Minister of Transportation, but has never been released publicly.

In early, 2023, we were advised that a new MTO study lead by Arcadis/IBI was in the works covering a long-term (to 2051) transportation planning study for southwestern Ontario. We were subsequently invited to join an expanded Technical Advisory Committee, which held its first meeting in London on June 1, 2023.

TAO participated actively in the meeting, emphasizing our previous recommendations and adding some new ones on rail capacity in London, improvements to intercommunity bus services, connecting to national and provincial parks, highways and road safety and road pricing.

Our comments can be viewed in the attachments below.