Fixing Canada’s Ailing Rail System: Op-Ed Article

By Transport Action Ontario | Intercity Rail and Bus

Jan 29

Greg Gormick is a long-time Toronto transportation writer and advisor, who has been a colleague and often a consultant to Transport Action.  He has written a thought provoking  op-ed article entitled “Fixing Canada’s Ailing Rail System”.   The article was originally published in the Toronto Star on January 26, 2014, and was subsequently picked up by other major newspapers across Canada.


The article discusses four major concerns with Canada’s once proud and efficient rail system: safety breaches, line abandonment, angry shippers and the deterioration of VIA Rail.   It points to a solution involving more public investment and increased oversight, as was done in the USA.  It notes that the first step is a long-overdue public debate leading to a national rail policy.  Finally, it urges federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt to let the debate – and the rail recovery – begin.


The full article can be read here:  TorontoStar Railway Crisis 2014-01-26