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May 13

Submission to Toronto Council Committee on Gardiner Expressway Reconfiguration

By Transport Action Ontario | Highways and Bridges


Transport Action Ontario (TAO) has been participating as a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) in the consultations for the Gardiner East EA since its inception in 2009.   Our last position paper was published in March, 2014, where we supported the “Remove” option.  Subsequently, Council directed staff to undertake several additional studies – primarily to evaluate a new “Hybrid” option, and to study traffic mitigation steps for the “Remove” option.


During the past year, the SAC continued to meet to review the new findings.    A public meeting on the new results was held in April, 2015.   The matter came before Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on May 13, and will go to Council in June.   As input to these deliberations, TAO issued an updated public paper.


The paper concluded that the “Hybrid” option is not appreciably different than the “Maintain” option, other than relocated access ramps.  It also noted that a small reconfiguration of the urban boulevard in “Remove” has reduced the auto and truck travel time penalty to only 3 to 5 minutes, as verified in two independent studies.    Therefore TAO continues to urge Council to advance the “Remove” option as the preferred alternative for completing the Gardiner East EA.


Our updated position paper can be viewed here:  TAO-GardinerEast2015-05-11



Feb 25

Commentary on Canada’s decision to pay for U.S.customs plaza at NITC

By Transport Action Ontario | Highways and Bridges



On February 18, 2015, the Toronto Globe and Mail announced that the government of Canada had failed to get Washington to pay the roughly $250 million (U.S.) needed to build a U.S. customs plaza on the Michigan side of the New International Trade Crossing, a proposed new Detroit-Windsor bridge.    Ottawa will be responsible for financing the entire cost of the $2.1-billion bridge, including access roads on both sides of the Detroit River as well as U.S. border installations.


Transport Action Ontario has long opposed this project.   Our commentary on these latest developments can be viewed here:   TAO-NITC-2015-02-25



Mar 29

Position Statement on New International Trade Crossing (Detroit – Windsor)

By Transport Action Ontario | Highways and Bridges , Press Releases and Open Letters



On February 2, 2014, the Canadian government announced it will start buying land in Detroit to speed up building of the New International Trade Crossing, a planned bridge between Detroit and Windsor.


Transport Action Ontario has issued a position statement opposing this latest effort by the Canadian government to induce construction of this ill-conceived and uneconomic project.   The statement can be viewed here:  TAO-NITC-2014-03



Mar 03

Gardiner Expressway Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment

By Transport Action Ontario | Highways and Bridges



The future of Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway, between Jarvis Street and the Don Valley Parkway (2.4 km), has been an active subject of discussion within the City and Greater Toronto Region for many years now.   In 2010, Waterfront Toronto and the City initiated an environmental assessment (EA), which was put on hold following the municipal elections in late 2010.  The EA was restarted in early 2013.  A good summary of the issue and the alternatives in the EA is presented in our “From the President” report in our November-December, 2012 newsletter.


Transport Action Ontario (TAO) has been involved in the “Future of the Gardiner” stakeholder advisory committee since 2010.   In fact, three board members sit on the committee – one representing TAO and two representing other non government organizations.  Starting in spring, 2013, the committee and staff worked very hard to assess and refine the alternatives.   This culminated in the City’s Staff Report of February 21, 2014 which recommended the “Remove” option.  The staff report will be discussed by Toronto Public Works Committee and Council  in March.


TAO endorses the staff report and the recommendations therein.  We note that the “Remove” option was clearly preferred in three of the four screening lenses – urban design, environment and economics.  For the fourth lens – transportation and infrastructure – all four alternatives had roughly the same score.


TAO submitted comments to the Public Works committee endorsing the staff recommendation and asking that staff be granted the authority to proceed with developing detailed design solutions associated with the “Remove” option.   The comments can be viewed here:    TAO-GardinerSubmission2014-03-02