Jul 15

Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Regional Rapid Rail: A Vision for the Future

By Transport Action Ontario | Major Reports , Urban Transit

Transport Action Ontario has released a new report, over two years in the making, titled Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Regional Rapid Rail: A Vision for the Future that looks at converting the vast majority of the GO Transit rail network into a “surface subway” using Electric Multiple-Units (EMUs).  This would serve most areas of the GTHA, from Hamilton to Durham to Simcoe.  The report finds that capital costs are only 20% of the costs of conventional subway, while offering numerous benefits including significant operating cost savings by 2031.




Jun 13

Move the GTHA: It’s time to move on gridlock – Open Letter

By Transport Action Ontario | Press Releases and Open Letters , Urban Transit


Decades of underinvestment have left the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) with an inadequate transportation network and one of the longest average commute times in North America – reducing the region’s economic competitiveness, impairing our health and environment, and limiting the amount of time we spend with families and friends.


Transport Action Ontario is one of about a dozen prominent non-government organizations that have formed the Move the GTHA coalition.  The objective is to support the Ontario government as they introduce new dedicated transportation revenue tools, such as a regional sales tax or regional fuel tax.  Recently the coalition, together with many other organizations, released an open letter to the GTHA’s elected officials calling on them to support Metrolinx’s transit investment strategy.



Jun 13

A Wedding Band of Confederation: Restoring Rail Passenger Service to Ontario’s North Shore and Across Canada

By Transport Action Ontario | Intercity Rail and Bus , Major Reports , Northern Ontario


Transport Action’s National Dream Renewed campaign and Thunder Bay Independent MP Bruce Hyer  have released a report on restoring rail passenger service to Ontario’s North Shore and across Canada.    Additional funding was provided by Transport Action Canada’s John McCullum fund.


The report was written by Greg Gormick, noted transportation writer and analyst.  The report identifies the numerous challenges facing VIA Rail Canada, and suggested solutions.  The report concludes that the time for a visionary, but practical rail passenger strategy supported by real government leadership is here, on the north shore and across Canada.


The full report can be viewed here.


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