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Dec 17

Response to Worksheet on Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA)

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On December 9, 2014, the first public meeting for the Environmental Assessment (EA)  for  Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) was held.  This is one of a series of concurrent studies underway by the proponent (Toronto Port Authority) to amend the Tripartite Agreement to allow for an extension of the runway and the introduction of new-technology jets.

Transport Action Ontario has been very active on this file, and has met with the EA team twice to provide input into the scope of the study.  The public meeting posed four questions pertaining to the scope of the EA.  In response, we provided written answers to these questions, and sent these to the EA team.


Our response can be viewed here: TAO-BBTCAWorksheet2014-12



Dec 24

Toronto Billy Bishop Airport Expansion – Presentation by Dr. Avrum Regenstreif

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Transport Action Ontario (TAO) board member Dr. Avrum Regenstreif has extensive experience over a period of 30 years in analysis and planning of airport projects.


He prepared a paper for TAO to be presented to the City of Toronto in early 2014.  It discusses numerous issues with the proposed expansion at Billy Bishop Airport (BBTCA), experience in other cities with intercontinental jet airports on urban waterfronts, and rail alternatives to an expansion at BBTCA.


His paper can be viewed at this link:  BBTCA Final Presentation 2013-12-23



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