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Feb 05

Passenger Rail and Bus in SW Ontario – letter to Transport Minister Garneau

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The Southwestern Ontario Transportation Alliance (SWOTA), which includes Transport Action Ontario as a core member, has sent a letter to the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport regarding our Network Southwest Passenger Rail and Bus Service Action Plan, requesting action.


The letter and key attachments can be viewed here:

SWOTA Letter to Marc Garneau 2016-02-05

SWOTA -Liberal Resolution 2014

SWOTA-Liberal Resolution 2012



Jan 30

VIA 1-4-10 Plan: A Recovery Strategy for Canada’s Rail Passenger Service – Updated

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Transport Action Canada and its regional associations, including Transport Action Ontario,  are pleased to release our nation-wide blueprint for the revival of VIA Rail Canada.  It demonstrates how the new federal government can turn VIA around and make it a modern, more frequent and highly useful public transportation service at a reasonable cost over a period of 10 years.  The plan also outlines how improvements can be made to a number of VIA services – including Southwestern Ontario and on the North Main Line – within one year.


The report can be viewed here:

VIA 1-4-10 Plan V2 2016-02-01


We have also produced a two-page infographic summarizing the report and its recommendations for the Windsor-Quebec corridor.  These can be viewed here:

VIA 1-4-10 Infographic page1

VIA 1-4-10 Infographic page2



Jan 25

Benefits of Intercity Passenger Rail in Climate Change Strategies

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Transportation has been the most challenging sector in Ontario for reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  A paper by Transport Action Ontario shows that GHG emissions from diesel-based intercity passenger rail travel in Canada are about 2 to 3 times lower per passenger-km than emissions from equivalent travel by car or personal truck.  Intercity passenger rail can therefore play an immediate significant role, at low cost and with other social/economic benefits, in achieving climate change targets.


The paper can be viewed here:  TAO-RailandClimateChange



Dec 17

Response to Worksheet on Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA)

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On December 9, 2014, the first public meeting for the Environmental Assessment (EA)  for  Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) was held.  This is one of a series of concurrent studies underway by the proponent (Toronto Port Authority) to amend the Tripartite Agreement to allow for an extension of the runway and the introduction of new-technology jets.

Transport Action Ontario has been very active on this file, and has met with the EA team twice to provide input into the scope of the study.  The public meeting posed four questions pertaining to the scope of the EA.  In response, we provided written answers to these questions, and sent these to the EA team.


Our response can be viewed here: TAO-BBTCAWorksheet2014-12