The Move the GTHA collaborative, of which Transport Action Ontario is a key core member, has released its long-awaited report “Are We There Yet?  The state of transit investment in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA)”.   The report  details the progress to date in funding and building The Big Move 25 year rapid transit plan, and quantifies the large capital and operating/maintenance/lifecycle rehabilitation  costs that still need to be funded.   There are over 20 signatories to the report.
We are calling for a Transit Summit by early 2017 among all stakeholders to discuss funding.  The timing is good because (1) Metrolinx has just released their discussion paper on The Big Move  (2) the federal government is planning for Phase 2 of their infrastructure investment plan,    (3) some municipalities, including Toronto and York, want to have an “adult discussion” on new revenue tools.
 The report received broad media coverage, and a positive response from Queens Park.  These will be covered in subsequent posts.
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