About Us


Transport Action Ontario (formerly Transport 2000 Ontario) is a non-government organization advocating for rail-based public transportation in Ontario.   We are part of a federation of 5 regional associations across Canada, each concerned with local and regional issues.  The umbrella organization is Transport Action Canada, a registered charity.

Our bylaws can be viewed here.

Transport Action Ontario is an organization that relies heavily on volunteer members.  We realize that there will be differences of opinion between members, and that while there may be disagreements with some opinions, all members and volunteers must be treated with respect.



Achieve an accessible, affordable and sustainable rail-based public transportation network that enhances the quality of life for all Ontarians.


To work cooperatively with government and industry stakeholders, communities, individuals and the media to develop and implement a rail-based public transportation network in Ontario. We envision enhanced connectivity between intercity trains and airports, intercity buses and local transit. Our approach is consultative, cooperative and educational with criticism where necessary. We focus on delivering accessible, affordable, comfortable, seamless and low-carbon public transportation options to all Ontarians.

We support national initiatives that forward our vision.


President:  Peter Miasek

Vice PresidentBruce Budd

Treasurer: Tony Rubin

Secretary: Terence Johnson

Directors at Large: Richard Crawford, Lucille Frith, Phil King, Justin Prest, Frank Testin

The Board of Directors typically meets monthly, with some exceptions in December and in the summer months.  At these meetings, the Board typically reviews all major advocacy projects, as well as other matters related to the organization.  All members in good standing are welcome to attend the meeting.  If you wish to attend, please advise us ahead of time by using the Contact Us button on this website, in order than we can ensure proper room capacity.